Gasping for air, I raced from the knoll where Levi was crushed. Running away, I knew that the men and their makeshift tourniquets would slow his bleeding, giving him a chance to survive. As I ran, I could hear the thrashing sounds from the beasts, fearing it meant certain death.

     "Jezebel! Jez-A-Bel!" I screamed. Ahead of me, Jakob cut the reins of Jezebel from the buggy with one swift, forceful motion.

     I ran, leaping into his arms.

     "Get on, Naomi!" Jakob yelled.

     Panting and gasping for air, I burst out with what energy was left. "No!" I shouted back, shaking my head. Pushing against Jakob's broad chest, I gasped, "I'm not leaving! I’m not—”

     Jakob didn’t argue. Instead, he thrust me against Dad’s brown-and-white Appaloosa and, in one muscle-bound move, hoisted me on top of Jezebel’s back.

     “No!” I cried, shaking my head. My body trembled and I twisted Jezebel’s reins in my hands, then leaned down to kiss Jakob goodbye. Will I see him again?


Sample -  Prologue

Sample - Chapter 2 - The One

Sample - Chapter 4 - Electronic Tattoo

Sample - Chapter 8 - Flee to Safety

Sample - Chapter 9 - Tragedy

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Sample - Chapter 32 - Jude Warns The One

Sample - Chapter 32 - Complicated

Sample - Chapter 34 - Recon-bots

Sample - Chapter 35 - Jump

Sample - Chapter 42 - The Good Fight

Sample - Chapter 42 - The Is No Why Here

Naomi wrestled straps from the walls of the elevator as it raised off the launch pad. She screamed, “Jump! Jump!” Logan jumped and grabbed the foot of the elevator. Wind from the acceleration of the elevator whipped around Logan’s and Naomi’s faces. Naomi extended a strap to Logan who seized the lifeline and quickly wrapped it around his chest. Once secured, Naomi began hoisting him into the elevator—then the mini-one jumped a hundred feet into the air and latched on to Logan’s foot.

JPG Elevator.jpg