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“As a lifelong science fiction fan, I can say that this book definitely made it into my “top ten” sci-fi books.”

“Extraordinarily creative, unique, and refreshingly wholesome.”

“This book was more intense than the Hunger Games. I couldn’t put it down, and I cried.”

“RD Palmer paints a vivid picture of a dystopian future in The One---a future controlled by artificial intelligence. With technology continually advancing, The One brings to light issues that should not be taken lightly. Readers will want to know more about the characters and they’ll be left intrigued by the ethical dilemmas addressed in the story.”

This is one of the most unique and interesting faith-based novels I have ever seen. This novel explores the dystopian potential that is artificial intelligence. I had never read a Christian perspective on AI. The writing is clear and pointed, while keeping the reader engaged throughout. It’s truly an interesting take on our future potential.”

“This is a fascinating look at these scary developments, and Palmer also inserts a good deal of scripture throughout to balance everything and provide hope. The writing is crisp, clear, yet emotive. You can feel what the characters are going through as they struggle through this epic adventure full of tension, virtue, and what it feels like to stand up for your beliefs. Highly recommend for a great religious book mixed with science fiction.”

“I could feel the emotions of the text manifesting in myself as I read. Overall, I would recommend this book to any person interested in religious and fiction books about good and evil.”

“Palmer has written an incredibly intricate book that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The plot is well-developed and full of twists and turns. The story is well-written and will make you ponder more on the human condition and how despite our differences, we are still very similar to each other. If you’re looking for an interesting read, definitely consider this one.”

“I love how the author tests the faith of his characters and the strength they exhibit during the darkest times. Excellent read for those who enjoy Christian fiction.”

“On both a macro and a micro level, I really enjoyed this story. I loved the concept of an end of the world, dystopian novel set around AI and the Amish, the bastion of civilization. I also loved the religious elements of the story. The Amish with their salt of the earth values and the juxtaposition of a technology-driven takeover and all the different themes: the meaning of life, where we’re going wrong as a civilization, the importance of human relationships, balance over consumption, and capitalism.” 

“The author did something marvelous in this book, it's nothing short of astounding, the genius it took to put a book like this together. I'm in awe, I love it! R.D Palmer just got a new fan.

I'm still in awe of what I just read, this book has it all, this is a book I'll always want to read, what a book! I've read it thrice already and I'm still yearning for more of it. It is a book for the top shelf, a book I believe everyone should read at least once in their lifetime, it's that good. The writing quality is at a very high level, the characters, the relatability, the plot - everything about this book is just great.”

"Wow! Where do I even begin? This is Science Fiction at its best, and from a Christian worldview. It blew my mind the same way Heinlien, Asimov, and (later) Orson Scott Card did when I first discovered those writers back in Middle School / High School.


Seriously this is one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. I don’t know how much attention it’s gotten, but it deserves to get noticed. It kept surprising me and made me want to keep turning pages.

The structure itself is a work of art. Part fictional memoir, part sci-fi adventure, with chapter headings comprised of quotes by various scientists, philosophers, artists, hymnists, and theologians.

The author also threw in tidbits that were like little golden easter eggs to this science nerd. Here are just a few: Odds of the protagonist's success: 1.618% (1.618 being the golden ratio!), and a coup de grâce which harkens back to an historic chess match!


You will NOT be disappointed. Excellent, If you're looking for a book that shows a reverence for God and a respect for science, without the either/or dichotomy often forced upon that dialogue, then read 'The One'. novel!excellent"

"There is no doubt in my mind that eventually machines will overtake humanity and become the dominant race on earth. But in the eventuality of this happening, will God step in and interfere? Or will he let the creations of his creation take over and prosper?

This book tackles that question perfectly and does so in a way that had my eyes popping out of my head at some points and my knuckles white as I gripped my iPad in anticipation at other points.

The absolute epitome of tense writing, filled with twists and turns that makes guessing what’s going to happen impossible, and the knowledge that you will find out eventually, makes it damn hard to put the book down.

Great writing, great story, great book."

“Naomi’s character was a ‘real person’ in my mind. I was 100% rooting for her the entire time. In terms of the PLOT... this novel has a very EPIC scope, which I absolutely LOVED. All of these unique decisions Palmer made in terms of the plot and the storytelling, not to mention the way he brought religion and science face-to-face in these huge ways was fascinating to see on the page, and an incredible premise in my humble opinion.”




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